3 Reasons to Have a Substance Misuse Policy

To support staff
Many times people will turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with losses, financial or relationship troubles or other hard times they are experiencing in their lives. By putting an Employee Assistance Program in place to help individuals going through difficult times you can help them deal with their issues before they may spiral out of control and you have to take disciplinary action later. Look out for these indicators to establish if an employee may have fallen on hard times or has even turned to drugs or alcohol to deal with them.

It can be costly to the employer
Even though the number of people who develop a serious drug or alcohol problem is statistically small (approximately 2% of drug users and around 4% of drinkers) the impact on themselves and  employers is a lot larger. For example, in a small business, one person with a drug or alcohol problem may make up a significant chunk of the workforce if there aren’t many employees. We’ve addressed before the costs and effects associated per year to businesses due to alcohol or drug related absences and other issues.

It can effect all employees
If someone has a substance misuse problem, it can effect all employees who have contact with them, or who rely on them to finish their work in a timely manner. People abusing substances can be unpredictable, and change their behaviour towards their co-workers, resulting in a hostile work environment and deadlines not being met. For the safety and security of all employees, it’s important to have clear guidelines and a policy in place.

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