Substance Abuse Can Cost Your Business Money

There have been numerous studies conducted around how much money substance abuse has cost businesses in the UK, and it’s estimated that around £3 billion a year is lost due to absenteeism. Finding out how much is lost due to underperformance and errors is a more difficult calculation. With health and safety issues and the impact on productivity, employers should also consider the damage to their companies reputation of being presumed unwilling to fight any substance misuse problems. Employers need to first and foremost think about their commitment to keep their employees safe and healthy, and in doing this their business will be more productive as a result.

Couple the loss of earnings with the fact that alcohol contributes to nearly 1 in 4 workplace accidents according to the Health & Safety Executive (with drugs also being a factor) and it’s clear to see that if you feel your business is being effected negatively as a result of substance misuse, it’s time to implement a substance misuse policy and testing procedures.

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