More Companies Conducting Substance Misuse Tests

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-13-58-34As drug and alcohol testing becomes more popular and normal, more companies make their employees take tests. Authorities and health officials have stated that drug testing doesn’t need to be widespread, and the focus should be on companies who have employees who operate machinery, or their hindered performance due to drugs or alcohol could seriously impact the public or those around them.

However, more and more companies, including retailers, are conducting drug and alcohol tests to protect their reputations and maintain the integrity of their business and practices. Implementing testing can also reduce staff sickness and turnover rates, reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and reduce the likelihood that staff members may be selling or trafficking drugs. Random testing is the most popular as your employees won’t know when the tests are happening, meaning they will be less likely to misuse drugs or alcohol as they won’t know when tests will be taking place.

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