Is Mobile Security Patrol Right for You?


A growing number of businesses and private individuals are opting for mobile patrols where a security presence is needed, but not on the premise all the time.

We provide mobile patrols for numerous types of businesses and premises such as construction sites, parking lots, warehouse facilities, office buildings, residential customers and more. Our marked security vehicles show that there is a continued security presence and is a highly visible deterrent.

Mobile patrol officers help reduce problems such as break-ins, vandalism, theft of IT equipment and more. We make randomly timed patrols so that potential thieves or vandals don’t know when a security officer will turn up. It’s a cost effective way to ensure your business premise is secure and your possessions protected.

If our security guards find anything out of the ordinary, they are trained to deal with the situation and will follow any pre-arranged instructions and protocols. All our officers are trained to make quick smart decisions and to take effective action.

You may need mobile patrols because while your premise is being refurbished, while you’re away on holiday and more. We will help you put together a bespoke security solution that is right for your situation. Contact us today.