Indicators of substance misuse

pills-tablets-2-1524560-1279x1540Substance abuse either away from or in the workplace can lead to poor productivity and efficiency, accidents at work, poor decision making and more. It can have a serious impact on your business as a whole, which is why it is important to recognise the signs that any member of your staff may have a substance misuse problem.

Possible indicators of drug or alcohol misuse can include

  • Erratic performance and time keeping abilities
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Irritability or aggressiveness
  • Becoming confused and unsure of tasks or surroundings
  • Depression or fatigue
  • Dishonesty
  • Change in relationships/interactions with colleagues or management
  • Overconfidence

It’s important that if you recognise any of these signs or other changes in behaviour that you talk to the person about what might be happening. It is also important to have a clear policy in place if someone is suspected of abusing alcohol or drugs, and what the discovery and outcome phases are.

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