CCTV Monitoring for Your Business

CCTV security centre in Doncaster
CCTV security centre in Doncaster

When your property is monitored there is 24/7 protection which means if something does happen, our operatives will catch it and we can be proactive about it, stopping potential threats before they turn into crime, damage or any other negative event. This helps save you having to report incidents, make insurance claims and deal with the aftermath of a break in or vandalism.

At Prosec UK we ensure our staff is highly trained to not only monitor your CCTV systems remotely looking out for any trouble, but also to distinguish between false call outs and real ones, saving you time and hassle. With our intelligently linked remote monitoring systems, we can speak directly to staff if they need assistance or put off potential intruders letting them know that your site is monitored if they try anything.

The biggest benefit of a monitored system is instant response, rather than pouring over recorded security tapes to find out what happened and try to pick up the pieces from an incident, we can help prevent it from happening with a monitored system in the first instance. Our security guards in Doncaster and Sheffield are highly trained to spot anything suspicious while monitoring your business to identify any potential threats quickly.

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