3 Reasons For Drug and Alcohol Testing Employees

There are several reasons you may choose as a company to start testing your staff for drugs and alcohol misuse. Here are just 3 reasons as a business you may decide to start substance misuse testing your employees.

If employees are responsible for the safety of others, or in safety critical jobs ex. employees that operate heavy machinery. This is very often the main reason drug and alcohol tests are administered, and often pre-employment as well as during employment.

If there are concerns over employee absenteeism or job performance. Excessive absences can sometimes point to a substance misuse problem, which in turn will also effect job performance. If you notice someones performance at work steadily decreasing, there may be an underlying issue regarding substance abuse. Absenteeism due to substance abuse can cost your company a lot of money and resources, as you may have to hire additional staff to replace the ones who are absent or get other people in your organisation to help deal with the workload. This in turn could foster a hostile working environment as other employees may resent having to take on additional jobs due to frequent absences from their colleagues.

To maintain your reputation. As drug and alcohol testing becomes more normalised in the UK, more businesses are using it as means to maintain their reputation. Particularly when other businesses in your industry carry out substance misuse testing as standard, it’s important your business keeps up with those in your field to reflect a positive image.

It’s important to have a clear policy in place, and ensure that employees know what will happen if a test comes back positive.

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