Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Categories

Your company drug policy should cover the following types of workplace drug and alcohol testing:

Pre-Employment Drug Testing – This should not be random. If you have a policy in place to test any applicants who are offered a job with the company then it should be part of the policy that all will be tested for D&A as part of the post job offer employment screening process.

Random Drug Testing – This type of testing means that without notice employees may be randomly selected for drug testing at any time during their employment.

For Cause Drug Tests – These are tests that are done if performance on the job appears to be impacted. This can become an issue after a history of unexcused absences, frequent lateness on the job, or when repeated mistakes are made. Make sure this policy meets your country or state legal requirements.

Post Accident Drug Test – This category of your employee drug and alcohol testing policy allows for testing of any employee involved in an on-the-job accident or injury.

Make sure the written policy contains the actions that will be taken if a test is positive. For example, “Any applicant or employee who tests positive for illegal drug use will not be hired or promoted, may be subject to disciplinary action and required to participate in substance abuse counselling, and may be terminated from employment.” Remember that the actions taken should reflect the laws of the land.

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