Why Choose Mobile Patrols for Your Business

Prosec team on duty at a constructionChoosing to have a mobile patrol service is an alternative way of monitoring your property when you may not need a manned guard there at all times. Here are some reasons why choosing a mobile patrol unit might be right for your business.

1. More often than not crimes are planned out in advance, and having a company making randomly timed highly visible visits to your site is a big deterrent to criminals.

2. Our experienced mobile patrol officers will look out for any intrusions or vandalism happening on your site, windows or doors that may have been left open, as well as people who are not authorised to be there.

3. For companies that have employees that work 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it can give piece of mind that someone is looking out for their security and the business.

4. Each mobile patrol service can be tailored to your businesses needs, and we can come as much or as little as you’d like giving you complete control over your security needs.

5. When a static security guard may not be in your budget a mobile patrol service provides a cost effective way for you to still monitor and keep your business premises secure.

Contact us today to discuss mobile patrol options for your business.