Thief Arrested By Superman Jailed For Four Months

A Sheffield shoplifter arrested by a man wearing a superhero’s costume was sentenced today at Sheffield magistrates court.
Class A drug addict Stephen Smith stole £80 worth of bacon and chocolate to sell to fund his heroin habit. He pleaded guilty to the two separate thefts from Heron Foods and Jack Fulton in Newfield Green, Sheffield.
Smith of Manor estate Sheffield was apprehended by Luke Junior as he tried to leave the store. Luke Junior was taking part in a charity fundraiser while wearing a Superman costume .
Luke said: “The thief was going nowhere but to the police station. He ran out of Heron Foods as I was having my picture taken with the kids and the manager shouted: ‘Stop him!’”
Superhero fan Luke, who wants to be a fireman, checked with the shop boss that he was 100% sure, then grabbed the thief.
He added: “I went back to the children afterwards and, as Superman, told them to always stay on the right side of the law.”
And as the thief was led away, a DJ in one of the Sheffield shops blasted out the Superman theme.
Stephen Smith thanked Luke for helping him change his life. Smith said “I am happy that I was caught by Superman because it has shown that I need to make a change. I now know that I won’t go back to shoplifting.”
Smiths defence told the judge that he had recently re-established his relationship with his daughter and got a new flat she said “He knows if he gets another chance he will be extremely lucky.”
Judge Tony Browne refused, saying “The offences are petty but they are aggravated by their persistence and that they were committed while Smith was on community order,” Stephen Smith was sentenced to 4 months.