The Impact of Drug Testing in Your Company

iStock_000003274349LargeBefore deciding to implement a company drug testing policy, it’s important to conduct an impact assessment. This will enable you to understand the impact the policy would have on employees versus the benefits that would be obtained for your business. The policy should only be implemented if the benefits for your business outweigh the impact on staff.

If after the assessment you determine a drug testing policy should be introduced, the policy should set out how testing will be carried out and when. Employers will need to decide whether testing will be carried out on a random basis or/and where drug use is suspected.

An employer must have a reasonable suspicion of drug-use to test with cause, such as changes in behaviour, absences from work or behaviour towards colleagues or clients. Random testing is generally more appropriate where health and safety concerns are an issue, to themselves, other employees or the public. Testing must genuinely be random to avoid any suggestion that employees are being singled out for characteristics such as age or race. Getting a third party to carry out the tests is the best practice so that the results will not be biased in any way.

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