The effect of substance misuse on your business

Sickness absence due to substance use is estimated to cost UK businesses 1.6 billion a year due to alcohol misuse, and 1.4 billion due to drug misuse. This is in part because many employers don’t know how to address the substance misuse problems in their workforce. It is not only a costly problem, but can disrupt the every day running of your business. For example, if team members aren’t there to support their team with projects due to absence, or managers aren’t showing up to effectively support the staff, your bottom line can become harder to reach, and your business won’t be run efficiently.

It’s not only effecting your bottom line, but people with substance misuse problems may be a danger to the employees around them. Operating machinery could be a potential hazard, as well as if they may be mentally unstable as a result of the substance misuse. Therefore it’s in your best interest to make sure team members are complying with substance misuse guidelines so that they can remain a healthy productive member of your business. It’s important to have clear guidelines and help in place for those that may have a substance misuse problem.

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