The Benefits of Hiring a Manned Guard

While we will never discount the benefit of CCTV monitoring systems, sometimes there are situations where a manned guard is also required.

Manned security guards are well-trained for many different situations. Here are some instances where a manned guard would benefit your business.

Security at a pub or nightclub – a security guard at a busy pub or nightclub can help protect both customers and staff from violence or intimidation and are able to help diffuse and deal with situations before they escalate.

Grocery stores – Not only can security guards help deter theft, but they can help with other issues that may arise, such as anti-social behaviour outside your shop or intoxicated people that may try to cause problems.

Clothing shops – The presence of a manned guard can deter would-be shoplifters saving you money preventing stock being stolen. Stopping the offenders before a thief strikes reduces man hours of combing through CCTV footage and trying to track down an offender after the fact.

Construction sites – Prevent unauthorised access to your construction site and let your workers get on with their jobs with a manned security guard at your entrance. Regular patrols can help deter thieves from stealing your machinery and equipment and keeping your whole site secure.

Business – Keep track of everyone who comes and goes within your business with a manned guard at your front desk. They can answer simple queries and ensure only the right people are gaining access to your business.

Our manned guards have extensive experience in many situations. To discuss your security requirements, contact us today for a no obligation quote.