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Decide Your Approach to Failed Drug & Alcohol Tests

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is often seen as a difficult subject to broach as different companies will have to take different precautions if any personnel are found to fail a substance misuse test. For some organisations, having a zero tolerance policy is necessary to ensure the saf...Read more

UK Alcohol Drinking Guidelines

Did you know that the UK and other countries have drinking guidelines? If you didn't you are not alone. According to this article published on globaldrugsurvey.com 45% of the survey participants were unaware the guidelines existed or what they were. The UK's Drinking Guidelines for Healthy Adults...Read more

Alcohol Abuse Costs UK Businesses and Economy Billions

A recent article on Xerox Blogs highlights the impact of Alcohol Abuse on UK businesses. Among the points made in the article: Global Drug Survey reports that of 65,000 drinkers surveyed - 45% of them had gone to work in the last 12 months with a hangover The Institute of Alcohol Studies issued...Read more

Four Reasons Companies Utilise Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

To protect customers and other employees: Substance abuse can affect the health and safety of anyone in the workforce and members of the public. This presents a moral, financial, and legal risk for the employer.  To maintain or increase employee productivity – Employees are one-third less prod...Read more

Drug & Alcohol Urine Screening

There are several ways to test for drug and alcohol use including urine drug tests, blood drug tests, hair drug tests, breath alcohol tests, saliva drug screen, and sweat drug screening. Urinalysis (the screening of urine for drugs) is the most prevalent type of pre-employment testing, and remains t...Read more

Economic Results of Drug Testing In The Workplace

According to the Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice results from a March 2011 study shows that one of the benefits of having a company wide drug testing policy is that there is a significant change in employee productivity. After implementing workforce off or onsite drug testing the employer...Read more