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Decide Your Approach to Failed Drug & Alcohol Tests

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is often seen as a difficult subject to broach as different companies will have to take different precautions if any personnel are found to fail a substance misuse test. For some organisations, having a zero tolerance policy is necessary to ensure the saf...Read more

Workplace Drug Testing Book

The European Workplace Drug Testing Society has published a book comprised of chapters written by board members and invited individuals and edited by Alain Verstraete on Workplace Drug Testing. Alain Verstraete MD, PhD is a founding board member of the European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS)...Read more

European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS)

If your company requires more information on workplace drug testing procedures and legalities consider the European Workplace Drug Testing Society website. This society provides an independent forum for all issues relating to workplace drug testing. Their website offers downloads for Specimen Collec...Read more

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Categories

Your company drug policy should cover the following types of workplace drug and alcohol testing: Pre-Employment Drug Testing – This should not be random. If you have a policy in place to test any applicants who are offered a job with the company then it should be part of the policy that all will ...Read more

Creating a Company Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy

Drug testing laws can vary by country, state, region, and even industry. It is important that when creating a company drug policy that you understand the laws of the land and keep the policy: Simple Uniform Updated with changing laws, legislation, and legal guidelines Updated with technology an...Read more

Legalities of Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

When your company needs workplace drug and alcohol testing it is important to follow the law of the land. Every country has their own rules and regulations governing drug & alcohol testing. In the United States it is commonplace and rarely can you find employment without submitting to the initia...Read more