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Is Your Business’s CCTV System Secure?

Following a number of Security Audits on some of our clients, it seems that their CCTV installer has left the manufacturers' default access and password installed leaving the system vulnerable to attacks. This will allow anyone who can access your IP address or DVR to view or change your CCTV...Read more

The History of CCTV

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) has a varied history in its devices and applications, and there are improvements being made consistently. The devices used today are significantly more advanced and therefore more easily able to capture perpetrators. Here's a look at some of CCTV's history. T...Read more

Is Mobile Security Patrol Right for You?

A growing number of businesses and private individuals are opting for mobile patrols where a security presence is needed, but not on the premise all the time. We provide mobile patrols for numerous types of businesses and premises such as construction sites, parking lots, warehouse facilities, of...Read more