South Yorkshire Police Unveil New Website

The new site Operation Lockdown  is intended to encourage the public to keep their homes and cars secure.

With novelty cartoon characters ‘Nick De Mota’ and ‘Robin Holmes’ clearly showing car crime and burglary figures for each village, Operation Lockdown is also a useful tool for anyone wishing to monitor local crime figures.

Inspector Mark Payling, said:
“We want to highlight the measures people can take to help make life harder for criminals. Unbelievably, one in three house burglaries in South Yorkshire occurs when a property is left insecure, maybe with a window or door open which makes it easy for a burglar to enter their home. The website is updated every morning so people can see where we have had reports of these crimes in the previous 24 hours with additional information and advice on what they can do to help prevent themselves becoming a victim of crime.”

The website is part of a marketing campaign which will include bus, radio and billboard advertising. ‘Nick De Mota’ and ‘Robin Holmes’ already have their own twitter accounts, so we can expect to see a lot more of them in the future.