Selfie lands Rotherham crooks behind bars!

On Wednesday 11th September 2013 a couple from Brinsworth, Rotherham were on a hard earned holiday when two opportunist crooks broke into their home and stole £27,000 worth of valuables including a treasured Rolex watch and an Audi A4 .

Among the valuables stolen was a sim card registered to the victims. One of the thieves Ashley Keast age 25 from Rotherham, idiotically took a selfie using the sim card and mistakenly sent it to the victims work colleagues, who then contacted the police.

Police raided Keasts flat and found the stolen Rolex, hidden behind his toilet. The watch has since been returned to the victim.

Ashley Keast was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months and his accomplice Anthony Hunt 18 months for burglary at Sheffield Crown Court.

PC Adam Broughton, of South Yorkshire Police: “Burglaries cause the victims and their families a great deal of pain and suffering and in this case many items of sentimental value can never be replaced.”