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Alarm Response

ProSec UK operates a key holding and alarm response service for both commercial and residential properties.

Our alarm response and keyholding services can be used as a standalone service or as part of any other security solution you use depending on your security needs.

Should an alarm be triggered on your premises, our security officers can attend on your behalf. In most cases, it’s a case of checking the property along with attending police officers and then locking up the property securely; and providing a full report.

However, if there has been a more serious incident, ProSec UK will liaise with the police if necessary and take appropriate measures to make the premises safe, such as contacting emergency glaziers, or calling in a static security officer to remain onsite until your staff arrive.

In fact, in many cases, our customers have requested that ProSec UK provide a security officer to stay present onsite after the event to ensure peace of mind for their staff and clients.

What we do:

  • We undertake a survey and design a bespoke security service to your needs
  • Provide you with warning boards or window stickers to act as a deterrent
  • Log your keys in our secure control room
  • On an alarm response the officer will complete a full check internally and externally for any damage or loss; and investigate the cause of the alarm to reduce future false alarms
  • We will leave the property only once it is secure, or upon your request
  • Full report provided via email
  • If required, we will liaise with all emergency services, glaziers, boarding and lock smithing companies

Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol Vehicles

ProSec UK offer mobile patrols from our response officers in fully sign-written response vehicles, showing presence at all times. We provide mobile patrols at a time requested by you; or a random patrol where we will alternate the times to stop a pattern. This will stop the chance of a person knowing the routine of your security.

What’s included?

We will check your premises, the doors, windows, gates and fencing. We can also provide an internal patrol if combined with our keyholding service.

ProSec  mobile patrol units are equipped with computerised guard tour checkpoint systems, where downloaded activity data assures clients of effective operation policing. A detailed report with all the date and time recordings is supplied routinely allowing you to check the good achievement of our service.

Residential Clients

Our service can be provided to residential and commercial customers. If you are going away on holiday for an extended period of time and are worried about security, we can help with randomly timed internal and external patrols to give you peace of mind. At a fraction of the cost associated with a static guard, we can provide regular but randomly timed patrols, tailored to your exact specification, working in conjunction with our experienced surveyors to provide you with a level of cover second to none. We will also contact the emergency services if required during our patrols.

Here to help

Teamed with our CCTV monitoring, alarm response and keyholding services, we can help to meet all your security needs. All our mobile patrols are recorded in compliance with the requirements of BS7499 and are electronically monitored to provide you with confirmation of continuous protection. You will also be provided with a report for every patrol with full information of our findings and our services via email.

We are proud to say we offer the fastest response time in Doncaster!

Key Features:

  • Effective deterrent
  • Random or set patrol times
  • Cost effective solution
  • Warning boards provided
  • Full GPS and detailed report provided
  • Bespoke service, tailored to each client

Onsite Drug and Alcohol testing

On site and mobile testing is available at short notice

ProSec UK offer drug & alcohol testing, and we always use the most advanced testing kits to ensure we get the most accurate results. This service can be completed onsite or as a mobile service. D&A testing can be carried out for as little as one person, or up to 50 people at a time. It takes on average 45 minutes per test / per person. This test is £50 per person plus VAT. All tests are carried out by a certified tester.

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream within a few minutes of consumption. It has an initial stimulant effect, acts as a depressant, dehydrates the body tissues; and even at levels below the legal drink and drive limits, will affect coordination, reaction times, thinking, judgement and mood.

The easiest way of detecting levels of alcohol in a person is by taking a breath sample. This is a straightforward process which is not intrusive. Using a calibrated instrument such as the Intoximeters VXL device, the result may be used as evidence.

The benefits of breath-testing for alcohol are:

  • An evidential print out is instantly obtained for each test
  • The results gained are fully legally defensible
  • The test is quick, easy and non-intrusive
  • A calibrated instrument will be used for all tests

Drug Testing

Urine testing is the historical, tried and tested method of detecting drugs and alcohol. Urine tests are most commonly used to detect drugs or illicit substances, however, when required, urine samples can also be used to screen for alcohol.

We utilise many different types of testing cups, as dictated by client needs or regulatory requirements, and can test for up to 14 different drug types.

Advantages to urine drug testing:

  • When compared to oral fluid the detection window for some drugs within urine is increased
  • The results of the test may be displayed within minutes
  • The availability of a split sample for confirmation analysis at the lab
  • Sample taken under chain of custody conditions – this is a fully legally defensible process
  • Confirmation of non-negative samples will be carried out in accordance with ISO17025
  • Normal detection window of substances is 1-14 days (drug type dependant)

What we can test for:

    • Amphetamine
    • Barbiturate
    • Benzodiazepine
    • Buprenorphine
    • Cocaine
    • EDDP
    • Ketamine
    • Methadone
    • Ecstacy
    • Opiate
    • Opiate LL
    • Oxycodone
    • Phencyclidine
    • Marijuana
    • Tramadol

Sentry Guard

Sentry Guard is a robust camera sensor system, vandal proof and produces HD images.

Vacant Property Security

An insurance industry approved vacant property alarm system and service can reduce the cost of void property insurance premiums.

Utility and Construction Site Alarm Hire

Theft and vandalism protection on construction and civil projects dont have to cost a fortune with our sentry guard utility and construction site security system and response service.

Rapid Deployment

These systems can be deployed anywhere in the UK within 24 hours.

Key Features

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