Security People Guard Controversial Wind Turbines

Security guards in Doncaster were asked to protect the framework for a new wind farm currently under construction between Hampole and Pickburn. The wind-farm has been under opposition from Robin Hood Airport and the local Hampole community .

security people guard doncaster
security people guard doncaster

The original 2010 application was opposed by Hampole Parish Council and 1,200 petitioners. Doncaster council approved the construction of the windfarm, denying only a fifth turbine because it was near to a house. Planning consent was given in 2010 with no objections from Robin Hood Airport but they are now objecting saying;
“It is a known fact that wind turbines located close to airports can impact on the airport’s radar equipment used to assist aircraft navigation, their take-off and landing.”
David Jones, the Airport Solutions Manager for npower, said they hoped Robin Hood would remove their objection to the application ‘without delay’ because they had not objected originally in 2008.