Security Companies In Sheffield Warn Of Muggings!

Mugging innocent members of the public for personal gadgets
has risen by 3 per cent in Sheffield!

With a new ‘must have’ phone, tablet or ipod on the market every month, the gadget black market is booming  in Sheffield.
There were 1,888 ‘thefts from the person’ last year according to The office of national statistics.

Security companies warn personal theft on the rise in Sheffield
Security companies warning: gadget theft increase in Sheffield

Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “One of the key drivers of theft from the person is if we get the latest iPhone or tablet coming out, we will tend to see crime related to that latest gadget. However, another factor can also be the arrival of people coming to study at university in Sheffield. There is more work to be done.”
All members of the public must be vigilant and be aware of their personal security  as theft of any personal item is traumatising, but being mugged can also be life threatening depending on the desperation of the criminal.