Security Companies In Sheffield Are Filling The Void Of Reduced Policing

As Sheffield moves into the top 10 postcode areas for business
crime, companies are reacting to the recent police budget cuts
by employing their own specialist security teams

Security Company In Sheffield
Security Company In Sheffield

According to AXA’s annual Business Crime Index, Sheffield has moved onto the number 9 spot  in the top ten areas for business crime in the UK. The crime index also reports a 14 per cent drop in rates of business crime nationally. However this is not reflected in the general feeling of business owners says Bob Forsyth-Managing Director of MITIE Total Security Management.
“There are some encouraging statistics around the fall in both the number and average cost of business crime, something which the business community welcomes.
I held a client forum recently where the topic of police support for business was discussed and it was evident that the consensus was that business crime was low on the agenda of the police. It is not that surprising when the police are stretched due to the challenging budget cuts in some areas thereby having to gear the resource more toward domestic crime and other high profile areas.
Companies are reacting to the reduced support from the police by using consultants or employing their own specialist teams to respond to their internal issues and investigations in to fraud and other alleged crimes. I foresee this becoming a growing market for private companies picking up fringe areas where the police would have traditionally supported.”