Secure Your Vacant Property with Proguard

Proguard sensors

Proguard is our rapid development alarm, a battery powered alarm system that supports up to 15 wireless sensors and alerts our mobile response unit via SMS. This means that even if your property is vacant or without power, you can still make sure it’s secure.

The control box is powered by battery and will last 12 months. We have a range of Optex sensors which are probably the most reliable detectors in the world. These devices communicate with the control box wirelessly and have a range of up to 200 metres.

A wireless battery operated siren will be connected to the system and will sound for 1 minute in the event of an activation. The system can be armed and disarmed using a wireless key switch.

A status message is sent out every day at 9am to Prosec, reporting the GSM signal strength, battery voltage of the control panel, battery condition of all the PIR’s/sensors/keyswitchers and the present condition of the system i.e armed or disarmed.

Prioritising the response, Prosec operate 2 mobile phones on different networks allowing signals to be passed quickly should a network be busy.

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