Second Armed Robbery In Doncaster In Under A Week!

An Armed Raider got more than he bargained for whilst trying to steal from a town centre jewellery shop.

On 31st July 2013 a witness said “I saw this fella stood with a carrier bag next to the stalls opposite the shop. He had a hood over his head and he looked well dodgy.”

“I was looking in a shop window near the crime scene when an ambulance came and then this man came walking out,” he said.

“He was walking slowly and clutching his left side looking as though he’d been hurt. They took him into the ambulance and it was there about 20 minutes before they left.

It is believed the man was stabbed in the side and hit over the head during a struggle at the Antique and Bargain Stores, which is also a pawnbroker’s shop, in Market Place, Doncaster.

The man, said to be aged around 40, is understood not to have been injured severely because he was able to walk to an ambulance before being taken to hospital.

Police would initially give no further details about the man’s injuries or whether he was under arrest in Doncaster Royal Infirmary.