Morrisons Warehouse conspiracy

An assistant night manager was sentenced to three years and four months, after searching his home the police discovered over £18,000 worth of alcohol and electrical equipment. A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said the cellar in his home “resembled an aladdin’s cave of champagne, spirits and other alcohol.”
Two further co-workers involved in the £100,000 operation both received two years in prison at Sheffield Crown Court.
Police have now applied to the courts to seize their ill-gotten assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
Outside of court, detective sergeant John Yoxall said: “At a time when families shopping expenses are stretched, these men were stealing thousands of pounds worth of items from a supermarket. This is a cost which inevitably will be passed on to the consumer in one way or another.

“The greed of those involved is staggering and it was this greed that led to them being caught. They all abused the trust given to them by their employer.”