Protect Your Mobile Phone from Thieves

IMG_2398 (1)With the sudden spike in mobile phone thefts in Doncaster town centre, it’s important to remain vigilant and take a few precautions. Many thefts have taken place in busy nightclubs as thieves can easily operate in the busy crowds, and often times you are too distracted to be looking after your phone. Even though many of these places have security, it’s important to stay vigilant by securing your valuables and taking these few precautions:

  • Ensuring your phone has a tracking app can help recover your phone as well as possibly leading to suspects who have taken others valuables as well. There are numerous tracking apps to choose from, and often times you can also add them to tablets of laptops as well. Make use of the password/pin feature on your phone as well, especially when going out, as if a thief does get a hold of your phone, they won’t have access to any of your private contacts, photos or other information.
  • Register your phone with the Immobilise database, a national database to help track goods that have been stolen, and you are able to register other valuables along with your phone. Companies such as Cash Convertors or CEX check this to determine whether goods brought in for sale have been stolen.
  • Keep a record of all your phone’s details, such as the sim number, IMEI number, make and model etc, as not only will this be easier if the police need to take a report, but you can call your service provider to lock your phone so that no one else can use the phone meaning no extra charges will show up on your bill.
  • Add security marks which include your name and address or other contact information. This can be done using an ultraviolet pen, or for pricey gadgets you can often times even get your information engraved on the object.