Promote Substance Recovery in the Workplace

While substance misuse is a big issue in the UK, a high percentage of people with a problem are employed. This means chances are high someone in your workplace may have a problem and needs help. Creating the right culture where your employees feel they can come to you and get help if they are experiencing problems will not only help your employees, but also help your business thrive.

Giving disciplinary actions or dismissals to those with substance misuse problems can foster an environment in which employees are fearful of coming forward with their problems. By treating substance misuse problems as a health and safety issue that can not only affect the employee but those around them, can lead to more openness and willing to come forward for help from those who may have a problem. This means problems will come to light quicker and with less effort on the part of the managers, meaning the workplace environment is safer and more productive.

It’s important to have clear guidelines set out for employees to follow around substance misuse. Having clear policies and a standard approach to issues will not only help your employees understand what is expected, but will also cover your business legally if issues arise as all cases will be treated the same and fairly.

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