Peer pressure and substance misuse

teamwork-2-1236611-640x480A study done in 2011 by Londonlovesbusiness revealed that of those polled, 1 in 10 professionals working in London admitted to taking illegal drugs at work, and a further amount of people witnessed their colleagues taking drugs at work. 12 percent reported that taking illegal drugs at work helped foster creativity, while 10 percent claimed they helped manage the stresses of the job.

Peer pressure can play a big part in a workplace culture where drug misuse is happening. If a company promotes a culture that taking illegal drugs is ok, it’s harder for employees to say no as they want to conform to their peers. Employees may feel pressure to take drugs to conform to what the rest of their peers are doing in order to fit in, or even to be promoted or impress their boss if their boss is the one taking the drugs. If a manager allows and embraces daytime drinking for example, employees may feel obligated to go along with it and it will become part of the departments culture.

It’s important to recognise the type of culture your business is putting forward, and ensuring that it is positive and productive working environment. A clear drug and alcohol policy should be put in place and managers and employees alike need to make sure they adhere to it, and report any problems or concerns of substance misuse.

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