Northeast has highest substance misuse mortality rates

Substance misuse can be closer to home than you think.

pills-tablets-2-1524560-1279x1540The Office for National Statistics have released data that the North East of England has the highest death rates for substance misuse in 2014, for the second year in a row. At 69 deaths per million population, this is almost double the amount from London. The majority of deaths, about two thirds, were due to illegal substances, but legal substances such as alcohol or prescription medications make up the rest.

County Durham was reported to have the highest number of deaths in the region due to substance misuse at 86 between 2012 and 2014. Most regions saw an increase in drug related deaths between 2013 to 2014 although Yorkshire, the Humber and the East Midlands saw small decreases.

Although the number for Yorkshire went down slightly, any deaths relating to substance misuse is too high and could possibly be prevented. It is important for you to talk with your employees about the dangers of substance misuse, both legal and illegal, and ensure there is a clear drug and alcohol policy in place for your company.

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