Legal highs in Doncaster posing problems

Health officials have become concerned after 10 people in Doncaster were hospitalised due to taking legal highs in just one month earlier this year with the total number of people taking them increasing steadily. The police are taking the issue seriously and are hoping to make taking legal highs (also known as Novel Psychoactive Substances) in the town centre an offence as well as already issuing closure notices to shops selling them. This could mean fines on the spot of up to £100 or even criminal charges if the proposed Public Spaces Protection Order goes through.

The effects of legal highs can include very high blood pressure and heart rates, disorientation, convulsions, seizures, restlessness, and even death. The risks are greatly increased when taken along with alcohol or illegal drugs. It is beneficial that your employees know the danger of legal highs as even though they may be legal, this does not mean that they are safe.

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