How Drug and Alcohol Testing Impact the Workplace

In nearly all working environments, as long as a clear policy is in place and communication is open about it, drug and alcohol testing has a positive effect in the workplace. Employees are more accepting of testing policies that are up front, clearly communicated, and performed by an accredited organisation insuring that their privacy is maintained.

Ensuring all staff and management are educated on the effects of drug and alcohol use in the workplace and what will happen if tests are failed helps everyone have realistic expectations and reassures them why a policy is in place. Drug users tend to have a higher turnover rate for jobs, which means companies have to spend more time and money finding replacements and training new employees. Often times testing leads to less absences which increases employee productivity, as well as ensuring all staff members feel more safe and secure.

By testing for drugs and alcohol in the workplace, this can also work as a deterrent, decreasing the number of positive test results overall. If tests are meant to be random, it’s important to keep them truly random and not single people out so that employees don’t feel victimised and that the tests will hold up if actions need to be taken.

The below infographic piece from Compliance and Safety shows the industries most effected by drug use and the impact drug testing can have to help productivity and decrease employee turnover rates.


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