Home Security Tips for the Holiday Season

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

During the festive season, burglars will take advantage of the fact that your house may be filled with presents or that you may be away more frequently to visit family or friends or even go on a festive holiday. Don’t let a break in ruin your holiday cheer, keep these preventative tips in mind to keep burglars at bay:

1. Don’t keep Holiday Gifts on Show 
If you have a tree all lit up that faces a road people pass by, don’t display your gifts under it in your front window that faces the road, hide them away. People passing by your home can easily see what’s inside, and it’s easy for a burglar to smash your window and make off with your gifts. If your tree is highly visible, instead opt to put gifts out the night before Christmas or Christmas morning.

2. Don’t let your home look vacant
If you plan on being away for a while, try to set a timer for your indoor and outdoor lights so they don’t stay on or off through the day and night giving the impression no one is home.  Stacking up of leaflets or papers can be an indicator no one is around to collect the post, ask a friend or neighbour if the could make sure the front of your house is free of papers that might be left.

3. Only put out empty present boxes on recycle day
Keeping all your newly emptied gift boxes outside days or weeks before the recycling comes advertises to potential burglars what could be in your house. Marked boxes such as for laptops, tv’s, sound systems and more should be kept inside and put out on recycle day or taken to your local recycle centre if you want to clear them away.

4. Remember to lock both your doors and windows
Many of you may be thinking “of course I keep everything locked!” but if you’ve put an extension cord through a window or door to reach your outdoor lights, you can be vulnerable to someone getting in. If possible, if you often put lights outside, get outside outlets installed so that all your windows and doors can remain locked and sealed.

5. Secure your home with a security system
If you haven’t got one already, a security system is a great way to deter potential burglars. Often just the presence of one will make them miss out your home as a target as they are more likely to be caught. If you already have a security system, it’s a good time to make sure that everything is working properly and to the best of the systems abilities so you know you are protected. We offer a 24 hour remote monitored CCTV to catch any activations to your security system and key holding services should an alarm be triggered and require someone to be dispatched.

With these security tips you can reduce the chances of becoming a target this holiday season.