Four Reasons Companies Utilise Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

  1. To protect customers and other employees: Substance abuse can affect the health and safety of anyone in the workforce and members of the public. This presents a moral, financial, and legal risk for the employer.
  2.  To maintain or increase employee productivity – Employees are one-third less productive with drugs and alcohol in their system. Absenteeism is higher and employees with substance abuse issues have a higher rate of tardiness.
  3.  To control health care costs: Substance abusers are more likely to injure others or themselves on the job, plus their medical expenses are four times that of the average employee.
  4. To deter substance abuse and help the community – workplace testing can uncover dependency issue and force people to face up to them. This can be a life saving event. It can also help the community address needs in the community in fighting the war on drugs. Creating a drug free environment as a condition of employment can act as a deterrent.

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