Economic Results of Drug Testing In The Workplace

According to the Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice results from a March 2011 study shows that one of the benefits of having a company wide drug testing policy is that there is a significant change in employee productivity. After implementing workforce off or onsite drug testing the employers taking part discovered that with workplace drug testing they had both improved productivity and attendance.

Manufacturing and health care industries contributed heavily to this study and it was determined that it costs them an average of over $5000 US to replace a worker. As skill sets and qualifications increase this amount also rises. Most of the employers who took part in this survey had over 2500 employees. Once they implemented company-wide workplace drug testing the results reported were:

  • 16% had a decrease in employee turnover
  • 8% saw an increase in initial turnover (possibly drug abusing employees seeking other employment)
  • 76% reported no change

It was concluded that workplace drug testing helped fashion an overall workforce that was more stable, while at the same time decreasing the cost of recruitment, training, and the associated costs of taking on new employees.

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