Company Profile – Our Officers

Each and every Prosec officer is subject to an extensive vetting procedure in line with the British Security Industry Association’s BS 7858. Prosec will research an applicant’s employment record back to a minimum of 10 years or until the time of leaving school. Any deviations from vetting criteria will render an applicant unacceptable to Prosec.

An extensive and comprehensive training programme exists to ensure that each officer is highly trained and motivated, and is well equipped to undertake that officer’s duties in all situations. The programme includes a basic induction course covering all general security duties – from accurately completing notes and reports, patrolling, legal knowledge (eg Theft Act, Public Order Offences Act) to the practical operation and undertaking of alarm systems to BS 7499 to which Prosec is accredited.

All officers will be licenced under the Private Security Industry Act 2001. Many have relevant police and military experience.

Further programmed continuation training is maintained to ensure that an officer’s skills are expanded and improved during his or her career.