Company Profile

Prosec (UK) was established in the 1980s and has grown into one of the most technologically developed and highly respected and professional suppliers of security services.

We provide custom and personalised services for a variety of clients, including many ‘Blue Chip’ companies. We pride ourselves in providing bespoke solutions to our client needs. Our clients range from Large Manufacturing Companies, to Major International Construction and Civil Engineering companies through to the smaller and more personalised clients. Each having its own and sometimes completely different requirements.
Our well trained professional security staff, is experienced in dealing with when required  diverse actions such as Protesters, Demonstrations and Public Order cases.
During our routine pro active security patrols we regularly deter and can investigate criminal damage, vandalism and theft of plant and equipment etc.

Large Country Estates, Industrial Plants, Offices, Hospitals, Leisure Organisations and clients considered at ‘special risk’, all put their trust in the extensive experience and commitment of Prosec (UK).
Being a privately owned company, we can give our clients a more personalised service and offer bespoke security solutions to our clients. Furthermore, our flexibility enables us to provide instant solutions to your needs.

Prosec (UK) can carry out Professional Threat Assessments and will carry out detailed security reviews. Assignment Instructions specific to your operational requirements will be tailored to your needs, rather than fitting your requirements to a pre-determined set of instructions.

A major advantage to our clients is that you can deal direct with one of our Partners giving you the advantage to actually speak to a professional decision maker, someone that can actually solve your problems and ‘get the job done’.

It is vitally important to Prosec that you the customer are able to live and work in an environment which is secure, so that you are able to carry out your daily tasks without loss or hindrance.

All Our Services Are:
·     Supervised through our Local Management Team
·     Linked to our 24 Hour Staffed Control Centre
·    Professionally manned
·     Comprehensively Insured