Prosec CCTV: The Prosec ecocam

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Prosec ecocam
Prosec ecocam

Use for onsite monitoring. Can be monitored by our Central Station and responded to by our key holding response service.

eCo friendly

Will work 24/7 without power connection saving up to £160 a week compared to running a generator.

Product Features

•Rapid Deployment.
•Solar powered c/w up to 10 days battery backup.
•2 communication paths 2G and 3g.
•Very low light cameras able to see in star light.
•Up to 15 wireless Optex battery operated dual zone PIR movement sensors.
•Audio challenge facility from Central Station.
•huge savings compared to manned guards.
•large visual deterrent.

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Uses the most reliable detectors available

Prosec ecocam detectors
Prosec ecocam detectors


Alarms are activated by Optex detectors.
These detectors are probably the most reliable detectors in the world today, vital to avoid unnecessary callouts and time wasted with false alarms.

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Smart phone accessible

Prosec ecocam on your phone
Prosec ecocam on your phone

Check what is going on your self from your smartphone. All that is required is a free app and a internet connection.

Allowing you to monitor yourself if required.


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