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Security Solutions During Covid-19

During these uncertain times amid the COVID-19 outbreak, many sectors have had to close down for an unknown period, leaving businesses and properties vacant and at risk. We at Prosec UK can provide that extra peace of mind by ensuring that your site is safe and protected whilst empty. We work w...Read more

Security for Vacant Properties

With the current situation with Covid-19, we realise that people are having to close up their shops, businesses, and building projects and face an uncertain future. With this in mind, you may need extra security or patrols to ensure people don't take advantage of your site being empty. We o...Read more

Security Services in Doncaster

When looking for a security company in Doncaster look no further than Prosec UK. Our security guards are specially trained to deal with a variety of situations and are quick thinking on their feet should a situation arise. Our expertise in manned guarding and security services means we have a...Read more

Manned Security Guards in South Yorkshire

When choosing a security guard, it's important to choose a firm with experience. Our very professional guards are all Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed and have completed extensive manned guard training to be prepared for almost any situation. We work with our customers to make sure ...Read more

How to Choose A Security Company

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash When you think about your security solution, you want to make sure you are choosing a company who can no only get the job done, but who can be trusted while doing so. We've compiled a list of things to look out for and ask about when choosing your security sup...Read more

Protect Your Vacant Property with Proguard

Our Proguard rapid development alarm is a battery powered alarm system ideal for properties that are vacant as it supports up to 15 wireless sensors and alerts our mobile response unit via SMS. We have a range of Optex sensors which are possibly the most reliable detectors in the world. Thes...Read more

Home Security Tips for the Holiday Season

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash During the festive season, burglars will take advantage of the fact that your house may be filled with presents or that you may be away more frequently to visit family or friends or even go on a festive holiday. Don't let a break in ruin your holiday cheer, keep...Read more

Special Event Security Management

Depending on your event, the number of people and how high profile it may be, your event security requirements can be tailored to you. Photo by Rachel Lynette French on Unsplash If you are holding a small, invitation only event in a hotel for example, you may not need much security. If you a...Read more

The Benefits of Hiring a Manned Guard

While we will never discount the benefit of CCTV monitoring systems, sometimes there are situations where a manned guard is also required. Manned security guards are well-trained for many different situations. Here are some instances where a manned guard would benefit your business. Security at ...Read more

CCTV Monitored Systems Can Help Deter Burglars

Taking the proper security measures for your business is important. The majority of businesses could benefit from a good CCTV system and people who monitor it. Our trainee specialists monitor from our state of the art control system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Just the sight of C...Read more