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3 Reasons For Drug and Alcohol Testing Employees

There are several reasons you may choose as a company to start testing your staff for drugs and alcohol misuse. Here are just 3 reasons as a business you may decide to start substance misuse testing your employees. If employees are responsible for the safety of others, or in safety critical jobs ex...Read more

5 Ways to Test for Drugs and Alcohol

Workplace drug and alcohol testing is often a sensitive subject as there are good and bad ways to go about it. We've touched upon before the importance of having a clear policy in place, but it's also important to use a trusted testing company to carry out the tests. There are five ways a company...Read more

Employer Substance Abuse Testing Responsibilities

As an employer, it's important to ensure the health and safety of your employees. In some cases, this includes substance abuse testing. If you do decide you want to start drug or alcohol testing in your company, you need to make sure that; Employees are made aware that drug or alcohol testing is...Read more

More Companies Conducting Substance Misuse Tests

As drug and alcohol testing becomes more popular and normal, more companies make their employees take tests. Authorities and health officials have stated that drug testing doesn't need to be widespread, and the focus should be on companies who have employees who operate machinery, or their hindered...Read more

How Drug and Alcohol Testing Impact the Workplace

In nearly all working environments, as long as a clear policy is in place and communication is open about it, drug and alcohol testing has a positive effect in the workplace. Employees are more accepting of testing policies that are up front, clearly communicated, and performed by an accredited orga...Read more

Consent for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

As workplace drug and alcohol testing is becoming more and more common in the UK, as an employer you need to make sure that tests are conducted legally and with the proper consent from your employees. As an employer, if you do wish to carry out substance abuse tests, it's important to have a clear ...Read more

Decide Your Approach to Failed Drug & Alcohol Tests

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is often seen as a difficult subject to broach as different companies will have to take different precautions if any personnel are found to fail a substance misuse test. For some organisations, having a zero tolerance policy is necessary to ensure the saf...Read more

New Year, New Substance Misuse Policies

It's the New Year, and a great time to implement substance misuse policies and testing procedures into your company if you haven't already. Drugs and alcohol in the workplace cost companies billions a year in lost productivity, and sick days. Stay on top of substance misuse before it becomes a probl...Read more

Drug and Alcohol Statistics

According to numerous surveys, taking drugs and consuming alcohol hasn't really died down in recent years, and in some places it is higher than ever. It's important, especially around the holidays when there can be a lot of peer pressure, to make sure you aren't over indulging and don't become a st...Read more

3 Reasons to Have a Substance Misuse Policy

To support staff Many times people will turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with losses, financial or relationship troubles or other hard times they are experiencing in their lives. By putting an Employee Assistance Program in place to help individuals going through difficult times you can help them d...Read more