What your company drug policy should include

It’s important that if you want to have a drug testing policy in the workplace, that you make this very clear in the employee handbook, as if you don’t have any policies that state drug tests may be administered, you may not be able to conduct them without backlash from employees. You also need to make employees are clearly aware of what will happen if a drug test is failed.

It is very important that you give employees any literature around the drug testing policies so that any tests will legally stand up if any action needs to be taken.

Your company drug policy should set out :

  • What the policy is trying to achieve
  • How any tests will be carried out
  • What support is available to drug misusers
  • What disciplinary action may be taken

As an employer you need to ensure you obtain informed consent from your employee and to explain the purpose of the test. If the employee refuses, you may take disciplinary action that should be outlined in your companies policy handbook. If random drug tests are to be carried out, it’s important that these are genuinely random, and that specific people aren’t targeted.

If as a company, you and your employees know the rules and regulations and have them outlined to refer to, any drug testing that is to be carried out will go smoothly when everyone knows what the outcomes are.

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