Assessing a Drug Test Dismissal

If you have a company policy stating that dismissal is a possible outcome of a failed drug or alcohol test, here are some factors to take into account from FindLaw UK to help decide if this severe action should be taken :

1. What effect did the employee’s drug use have on workplace health and safety?

2. Does the employee have contact with children/young people?

3. Was the employee taking drugs or affected by drugs on or off duty?

4. Has the employer’s confidence in the employee been irredeemably undermined?

5. What effect does the employee’s drug use have on the employer’s business and reputation?

6. What kind of drugs did the employee use?

7. Are there any mitigating factors (e.g., clinical depression)?

You’re employees have every right to challenge you if it is decided they should be dismissed, so ensuring you have a clear policy in place can help everyone in your company understand the actions that will be taken for a failed drug or alcohol test.

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