A Security Solution for Your Business

We work with you to come up with bespoke security solutions for your business. We recognise every business has different needs so we tailer a security solution to you.

You’re business may benefit from having a security guard on premise during busy periods to give employees and customers peace of mind, or you may opt for a solution that sees our guards stopping by at randomly timed intervals to make sure there are no threats to your property.

Our security guards are trained to properly deal with situations that may escalate and become dangerous or to deal with any security breaches. They are also trained to perform safety checks ensuring all your locks, lights and more are working properly and everything is secure.

We can offer remote monitoring services so that we can check in from our control room in Doncaster and identify any threats immediately and swiftly deal with them.

Prosec UK can provide security services across the whole of the UK, with monitored services in Doncaster and the surrounding area.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help best secure your property.