Prosec CCTV: Doncaster & Sheffield: Operatives and Control Room

It’s not enough to buy the best equipment, cameras, monitors and control rooms. All these are wasted without the right operatives.

ProSec can provide quality CCTV operatives at the right price to make the most of your equipment.
Qualified and trained staff are essential to get the best out of your equipment, we oversee their working practices to make sure they are alert and efficient at the same time as complying with the necessary codes of practice and regulation.

Our State of the art control room supports ADPRO, Dedicated Micros, Geovission and Vista Smart.

The remote monitored CCTV and Site Management System can not only detect an activation, but our highly skilled trained and concerned analysts are able to differentiate between false and real activations, reducing the number of potential false call outs and acting accordingly to the information received. Our approved links to Police Control Rooms mean that if your site is attacked, our trained analysts can liaise quickly and efficiently with the police.

When intelligently linked with remote monitoring, CCTV can also prevent crime with our full audio facilities, which enables our analysts to give warnings to potential attackers or assistance to staff, customers and other visitors to the site.

Using ProSec CCTV, Control room operatives ensures you make the most of your investment in CCTV.